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What is Over/Under Betting in Football? Reading Over/Under Odds in 2024 Football Matches

Over/Under Betting is currently one of the three main types of wagers appearing on the betting boards of football matches. The content and gameplay of this type differ from the rest. Through this article, let's decode how to read goal betting odds and gain weekend soccer tips from Wintips.

What is Over/Under Betting?

In football, goals scored in each match carry various significant meanings. Firstly, they determine the score and the outcome when two teams face each other. Most importantly, goals evoke emotions for fans watching live. Therefore, in today's sports betting, the criterion of goals scored has become highly effective in betting methods.

So when it comes to football betting, Over/Under Betting is a prime example of wagering on the number of goals scored in a match. Of course, there's a difference when betting Over/Under compared to other formats like European or Asian Handicap. In Over/Under, bookmakers don't consider the final result of the match; instead, they focus on the total number of goals both teams can score.

Betting Over/Under in Football

The method of betting Over/Under in a football match is not overly complicated. Firstly, we determine that there are two outcomes in this type of bet: Over and Under. Bookmakers provide Over/Under odds for a match, also known as the betting line. At this point, we need to predict the number of goals both teams can score and compare it with the odds.

If you believe that the match will produce many goals, bet on Over; if fewer than the betting line, bet on Under. Of course, predicting the number of goals in a match when playing Over/Under bets requires several factors, notably the goal-scoring ability and playing style of both teams.

How to Read Over/Under Odds in Football?

In reality, bookmakers set odds for each match according to what both teams are capable of. Therefore, with different odds or betting lines, the reading method naturally varies. Let's go through some common odds frequently seen at bookmakers.

Over/Under 1.5 Goals

In Over/Under betting with a 1.5 goal handicap or denoted as 1.5, it indicates that bookmakers believe both teams will struggle to score many goals. For this betting line, the Over bettors need 2 goals to win, while Under bettors win if there's only 1 goal or fewer.

Over/Under 1.75 Goals

In the Over/Under 1.75 goal handicap, the reading method differs from the previous odds. Specifically, if there are only 2 goals in a match, Over bettors still win but receive half the stake. To win the full stake, 3 goals are required, while Under bettors win if there's at most 1 goal.

Over/Under 2 Goals

The Over/Under 2 goal handicap often results in a draw if the match ends with exactly 2 goals. If there are 3 goals, the Over bettors win, and if there are no goals or only 1, the Under bettors win.

Over/Under 2.25 Goals

The Over/Under 2.25 goal handicap eliminates draw outcomes; if there are 2 goals or fewer, Under bettors win, while Over bettors win with 3 goals or more. This handicap is typically denoted as 2 – 2.5 on the odds board. However, if there are precisely 2 goals, Over bettors lose half the stake, and Under bettors win half.

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Experience in betting on Over/Under in football matches

In the process of experiencing Over/Under bets at current bookmakers to optimize winning chances for players, we need to grasp certain experiences. Firstly, let's analyze the statistical figures that both teams possess, such as the total goals in previous matches, the number of goals scored in the same period, whether it's high or low.

Evaluate the strength of both teams before the match to consider their power and mindset when starting. Typically, when two attacking teams face each other, there will often be more goals scored, and the handicap ratio is also higher than usual. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a suitable match to place your bet on.

Choosing the Over/Under bet is easier to predict before investing, considering your bet amount compared to your total finances. Of course, it's essential to continuously update the odds before and during the match to ensure no vital information is missed. Be flexible in decision-making when betting to ensure the highest level of confidence.


In Over/Under bets, fans are always attracted by the goals scored during the match. Let's explore betting tips best sites more interesting types of bets right here.


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