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Many couples consider long before the wedding day about the engraving their wedding ring should bear. Engagement rings are also a popular option for engraving. The ring is the ultimate symbol for love. It is never ending, just like love. The wedding rings are a symbol of an old-fashioned tradition, and with the engraving inside, it's an item that will be treasured for a long time to come. The engraving on wedding ring can be traditional or a unique symbol or saying. They are unique and represents your personal relationship.

The wedding ring engraving: classic ideas and new concepts

Wedding rings with engravings permit you to personalize your unique symbol of love. If you want to make this a hit it is important to consider it a bit in advance.

You can also have your wedding ring customized, in addition to the classic symbols of love like hearts or a ring that is intertwined to symbolize infinity. You can also personalize the engraving of your rings with a personal vow or a wedding slogan from church or part of it. You can also include a date or name that is meaningful to you to be engraved on your wedding rings.

the date you met

the day of the engagement or

the wedding date

There is also the option of having your wedding ring individually decorated with ornaments or coats of arms that are significant to you (such as family crests). If you decide to include the engraving placed inside the wedding ring you can also hide the words or symbols you would like to immortalize.

The wedding ring outside engraving

The opposite of a hidden message inside the band is an visible engraving on the outside. Here, everyone should be able to discern what binds you forever.

If the kind of engraving and the space on the ring permit it, several designs can be incorporated. The classic example would be to include the name of your partner alongside the date of your wedding. There are no limits to your creativity in this instance and we encourage you to talk with us about it to discuss with you whether we can technically fulfill your ideas.

Love sayings as an engraving for a romantic wedding ring

You might want to select an engraving that is a reflection of your relationship with your spouse. Quotes from famous individuals or lines from poems written by well-known poets and thinkers are ideal for this, since they have been around for many years due to their conciseness and enduring quality, for instance.

"There is magic in every beginning" by Hermann Hesse, or

"The amount of your life is the hours you spent with your loved ones" by Wilhelm Busch

In addition, you can also design your personal engraving by writing the word you like in your own handwriting, after which it will be immortalized on your rings - ideally with laser technology. It's more personal than that!

Wedding ring engravings in other languages

If you're looking for something a little more mysterious, you can choose a wedding ring engraving in Latin. The following are some stylish and romantic inscriptions:

Tempus fugit - amor manet (Time passes - love remains)

Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all) or

Mea fortuna (My luck or fate)

There are other appropriate ring inscriptions in English that are suitable for a modern, melodic-sounding engraving, for instance

Two hearts that beat together

My love, my life, or my friend

Everything else is irrelevant

Two-part wedding ring phrases

You may wish to add the same symbol or inscription on each ring. You can also choose two-part phrases for your wedding ring engraving. These two parts then form a whole together, just like the two spouses. Quotes and sayings that you can then divide in half work well for this wedding ring engraving concept:

Looking into each other's eye is not love.

... but about looking at each other in the same direction. Funny engravings for wedding rings

Being able to laugh and have fun together is a vital aspect of marriages. If you and your spouse have a strong sense of humor, you could display this with a humorous engraving of your wedding rings!

The following quotes are hilarious and yet romantic:

I only wish you the best... and that's me.

I'd like to get old with you... but there's no need to rush.

This not only expresses the essence of your personal partnership, but also is unique.

If you're looking for more ideas and inspiration for engraving your wedding rings, you can find them on websites like Pinter There are a myriad of quotes or sayings that are perfect for this and encourage you to look around.

Wedding rings: What kinds of engraving are there?

There are many ways to engrave a wedding ring. There are a variety of engraving techniques and fonts. Diamond, laser inlay, or hand engraving are among the most popular.

You might be wondering what engravings would be best for you.


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